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Southeastern Herpetofauna Species List


Agama Agamas
Agama agama Red-headed Agama
Ameiva Ameivas
Ameiva ameiva Giant Ameiva
Anolis Anoles
Anolis carolinensis Green Anole
Anolis chlorocyanus Hispaniolan Green Anole
Anolis cristatellus Puerto Rican Crested Anole
Anolis cybotes Large-headed Anole
Anolis distichus Bark Anole
A. d. dominicensis Green Bark Anole
Anolis equestris Knight Anole
Anolis extremus Barbados Anole
Anolis ferreus Marie Gallant Anole
Anolis garmani Jamaican Giant Anole
Anolis porcatus Cuban Green Anole
Anolis sagrei Brown Anole
A. s. ordinatus Bahaman Brown Anole
A. s. sagrei Cuban Brown Anole
Aspidoscelis Whiptails & Racerunners
Aspidoscelis motaguae Giant Whiptail
Aspidoscelis sexlineata Six-lined Racerunner
Basiliscus Basilisks
Basiliscus plumifrons Green Basilisk
Basiliscus vittatus Brown Basilisk
Calotes Changeable Lizards
Calotes mystaceus Indo-chinese Tree Agama
Calotes versicolor Oriental Garden Lizard
Chamaeleo Chameleons
Chamaeleo calyptratus Veiled Chameleon
Chamaeleo jacksonii Jackson's Chameleon
Cnemidophorus Tropical Whiptails
Cnemidophorus lemniscatus Rainbow Whiptail
Cosymbotus Asian House Geckos
Cosymbotus platyurus Asian Flattail House Gecko
Ctenosaura Spiny-tailed Iguanas
Ctenosaura pectinata Mexican Spinytail Iguana
Ctenosaura similis Gray's Spinytail Iguana
Furcifer Chameleons (other)
Furcifer oustaleti Oustalet's Chameleon
Gekko Tropical Asian Geckos
Gekko gecko Tokay Gecko
Gonatodes Bent-toed Geckos
Gonatodes albogularis Yellowhead Gecko
Hemidactylus House Geckos
Hemidactylus frenatus House Gecko
Hemidactylus garnotii Indo-pacific House Gecko
Hemidactylus mabouia Cosmopolitan House Gecko
Hemidactylus turcicus Mediterranean Gecko
Iguana Iguanas
Iguana iguana Green Iguana
Leiocephalus Curly-tailed Lizards
Leiocephalus carinatus Northern Curly-tailed Lizard
Leiocephalus personatus Green-legged Curlytail Lizard
Leiocephalus schreibersii Schreiber's Curly-tailed Lizard
Leiolepis Butterfly Lizards
Leiolepis belliana Butterfly Lizard
Mabuya Mabuyas
Mabuya multifasciata Many-lined Grass Skink
Neoseps Sand Skinks
Neoseps reynoldsi Sand Skink
Ophisaurus Glass Lizards
Ophisaurus attenuatus Slender Glass Lizard
O. a. attenuatus Western Slender Glass Lizard
O. a. longicaudus Eastern Slender Glass Lizard
Ophisaurus compressus Island Glass Lizard
Ophisaurus mimicus Mimic Glass Lizard
Ophisaurus ventralis Eastern Glass Lizard
Pachydactylus Thick-toed Geckos
Pachydactylus bibroni Bibron's Gecko
Phelsuma Day Geckos
Phelsuma madagascariensis Madagascar Day Gecko
Phrynosoma Horned Lizards
Phrynosoma cornutum Texas Horned Lizard
Plestiodon North American Skinks
Plestiodon anthracinus Coal Skink
P. a. anthracinus Northern Coal Skink
P. a. pluvialis Southern Coal Skink
Plestiodon egregius Mole Skink
P. e. egregius Florida Keys Mole Skink
P. e. insularis Cedar Key Mole Skink
P. e. lividus Bluetail Mole Skink
P. e. onocrepis Peninsula Mole Skink
P. e. similis Northern Mole Skink
Plestiodon fasciatus Five-lined Skink
Plestiodon inexpectatus Southeastern Five-lined Skink
Plestiodon laticeps Broad-headed Skink
Plestiodon obsoletus Great Plains Skink
Plestiodon septentrionalis Prairie Skink
P. s. obtusirostris Southern Prairie Skink
Sceloporus Spiny Lizards
Sceloporus undulatus Eastern Fence Lizard
S. u. hyacinthinus Northern Fence Lizard
S. u. undulatus Southern Fence Lizard
Sceloporus woodi Florida Scrub Lizard
Scincella Ground Skinks
Scincella lateralis Ground Skink
Sphaerodactylus Dwarf Geckos
Sphaerodactylus argus Ocellated Gecko
Sphaerodactylus elegans Ashy Gecko
Sphaerodactylus notatus Florida Reef Gecko
Tarentola Wall Geckos
Tarentola annularis White-spotted Wall Gecko
Tarentola mauritanica Moorish Wall Gecko
Trachylepis Afro-Malagasy Mabuyas
Trachylepis quinquetaeniata African Five-lined Skink
Varanus Monitor Lizards
Varanus niloticus Nile Monitor