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Welcome to The Association of South Eastern Field Herpetologists© | Current Reports: 2862 | Current Photos: 5664

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A.S.E.F.H.© is an online herpetofauna reporting website that lets you record reports of herpetofauna found in the southeastern USA.

Create a report on A.S.E.F.H.© and you can share photos, notes and comments with other members of A.S.E.F.H.&trade!

Search through species reported across eleven states, or by who reported. Check the Activity map to view what counties have reports in individual states.

A.S.E.F.H.© is for everyone:

We are a new site, developing new features as fast as we can. If you have suggestions or comments, please Contact Us.

How Do I Use A.S.E.F.H.©?

  1. First, Sign Up and Create an account.
  2. (Your account will allow you to show user's a few things about you, as well as allow you to let your information be secured or allow the public to read your information.)

  3. Second, Report any herpetofauna found, please include pictures. Reports with pictures get more views as well as more comments! Don't forget any special notes!

  4. Share with the A.S.E.F.H.© community your love for herpetofauna, your photography as well as interesting notes. Explore A.S.E.F.H.© and begin learning!

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